You can download Fluendo Codec Pack package from
At Fluendo shop you have to download a rpm package that fits with the cpu architecture of your system, being i386 for a 32bits Linux and x86_64 for a 64 bits linux. Our webpage tries to guess it from the browser but it can fail if you are running a 32 bits browser in a 64 bits linux system, often that happens with google chrome.
If your system is 32 bits linux then the package you have downloaded should be the right one.
Usually by just double clicking on the package it should be installed using the distribution tools. In case it doesn't install you can manually install by opening a terminal and running the following command.

$ sudo rpm -i <package_to_install.rpm>

Once the codecs are installed those are made available to GStreamer based applications. Examples of such kind of applications are GNOME Apps Totem and Rhythmbox.

Note that if you switch to Ubuntu then please be aware that you will have to download the codec pack package again but this time the .deb one instead of .rpm one.